4 in 1

Camera Hub

2 in 1

Motion sensor with siren

Key Fob

How to build a personalized Glate home defense system?

As easy as 123

Decide how many key fobs you will need. Important to remember that fob holders will be able to bypass Glate 2.0’s camera recording, so think carefully about who you trust to have a fob. 

Things to consider:

  • How many trusted regular visitors do you have to your house? 

  • Would the cleaner, nanny, carer need a fob?


Then map out your house and where would be suitable to put motion sensors. 

Places to consider:

  • Potential break-in points 

  • Front Garden and back garden

  • Windows or doors

  • Outdoor gates


Finally, decide where you’d need to record action. The camera hubs will let you see people approaching your house. The camera hub paired with the motion sensors gives all-around secure coverage


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