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That Matter

Anti Package Thief


The limitations of current home security devices compromise our privacy, bombard us with pointless notifications and are not equipped to keep up with our busy and changing lifestyles. Often enough, home security devices are not quick enough to capture an intruder and you are left with an unhelpful video of the intruder’s back as they leave having stolen a parcel from your front porch. 

Glate 2.0 quick detection can detect an unwanted visitor as they approach your house, not just when they are on your property. On arrival, strangers will be identified and then discouraged with Glate 2.0 loud siren. 


Quick Detection


Notifications that matter

Heard of the boy who cried wolf? How about the security system which cried wolf?

Many home security devices sync up to a smartphone app so you are notified remotely of any trouble at home.

In principle, this should offer peace of mind but the reality is bombarded with pointless notifications from the mailman or next door’s cat wandering through your back garden. Ultimately you end up ignoring or switching off the notifications, consequently missing the one notification that matters … an intruder. Ooh no. 

Why bother with all that stress? Glate 2.0’s smart detection will only trigger notifications that matter. No need to turn off your security system because Glate 2.0 learns who is your friend or foe, so you can rest assured that when your phone pings up with a Glate 2.0 notification it is one that matters.


TURE automatically arm

Is there anything worse than getting into bed after a long day and trying to remember if you set the security alarm. Or rushing in after work fumbling with the keypad to turn off the security alarm so you don’t upset your neighbors. We understand the home security is not at the forefront of everyone’s minds so get a home security system that thinks for you.

Our simple app and fob system will make securing your home as easy as walking out the door. No more rushing to a keypad to disarm your alarm, Glate 2.0’s systems will arm automatically whenever you go out and AI algorithm detects if you are asleep so you can rest safely and securely.


Prioritizing Privacy

What is the point of a sophisticated home security system if your privacy is overlooked to protect your home?

As technology develops we are becoming more reliant on facial recognition but is it trustworthy? 

Glate 2.0 home security system does not collect personal facial information. Glate 2.0 camera recording will automatically bypass family members who have a fob or approved phone so that your privacy is protected as well as your home.

Normal camera
Glate 2.0
Automatically bypass family members

Anti Package Thief

Unlike our competitors, our separate wireless motion sensor comes with a built-in siren that is bound to scare a potential burglar away within a second.


Q: I'm out, but I'm expecting a delivery. Will a delivery man trigger the alarm?

A: Yes - we'll however provide you with a warning (yard) sign, which will let them know in advance that the house is armed.

Another suggestion for this situation is that you can set-up a bypass time or lower down the volume of the alarm in our APP so the siren will not disturb a postman or a visitor.


Q: What happens when someone tries to steal the sensors?

A: If someone tries to remove the sensor, the sensor will make a loud siren reducing the possibility of the person taking the sensor away. At the same time, the camera in the corresponding position will also be recording the person, and the owner's mobile app will be notified.

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