Problems vs Solutions

Often enough, home security devices are not quick enough to capture an intruder and you are left with an unhelpful video of the intruder’s back as they leave having stolen a parcel from your front porch.


Glate 2.0 quick detection can detect an unwanted visitor as they approach your house, not just when they are on your property. On arrival, strangers will be identified and then discouraged with Glate 2.0 loud siren.


After it has been stolen, you see the video notification.


Glate 2.0: Before it is stolen, you deter the burglar with surveillance sirens as he approaches

useless notification.png

Useless notification: Motion sensor can be triggered by anyone with an alert notification.

Glate2.0 only gives you notifications activated by strangers. ( A person without a keyfob or an APP)

Glate2.0 is more reliable because it provides real notifications triggered by strangers


Glate2.0  restores video footages locally on your phone and homeowner can decide whether to share it or not.

Cloud stored videos are not guaranteed to be safe.


24/7 recording of your personal life.

Glate2.0 only records when a stranger is around.

security s.png

Surveillance is limited due to too many false notifications from the only motion sensor at the door. 

Glate2.0 surveillance is complete with no blindspots as you can place the motion sensors along the pathway leading to the door.

Glate2.0 World's first early-detection security system that detects an intruder before it is too late.


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