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What are the problems we solved?

  • 100% accurate!

- Glate 2.0 home security system only trigger an alert when it truly matters.

- No need to turn off your security system because of too many false alarm

- Free your phone up from pointless security notifications.


  • Earliest detection system!

- Glate 2.0 will identify strangers on approach, and not only once they have reached your home, for faster alerts and deterrence. Scare off any potential intruders.


  • Complete Privacy

- Glate 2.0 Camera recordings will be automatically bypassed for family members who have a fob or approved phone so your privacy is protected as well as your home.

What's Included in Glate 2.0?

Camera Hub
Motion Sensor
With Siren
Key Fob
  • USB Chargeable battery (last 2-6 months)

  • WiFi + BLE 5.0

  • Motion Range 3-5 meters

  • Peel-and-Stick devices: super easy DIY installation

  • Event-triggered WIFI connection, camera recording and mobile storage.

What’s the difference between Glate and others?

Arm & disarm automatically
Glate's systems will arm automatically when you fall asleep - sleep safe!
No more useless alarm
Unlike other security systems Glate only sends you notifications that matter
Early detection
Glate will identify strangers on approach, and not only once they reached your home.
Complete Privacy
Due to the event-based nature of Glate's recordings, the likelihood of the system being hacked drops significantly.
Powerful siren
Glate system comes with a built-in siren that is bound to scare a potential burglar away within 1 second.